Question Pools

Creating Question Pools within studentcentral can have a number of benefits when using online tests. An instructor can create multiple pools/banks of questions for use in studentcental tests. Questions can be labelled to allow easy searching of large pool. Then, when creating a test, the instructor can simply pick and choose appropriate questions from the bank for inclusion.

Creating Question Pools can take time, however they come with a number of benefits:

  • If you use tests regularly, creating pools is a much more effective way of storing and sorting the questions you are creating. 
  • An entire pool of questions can be added to a Test, or you can mix and match across multiple pools
  • You can copy Question Pools to your new instance each year.
  • You could create a shared pool of questions within a course area, meaning multiple staff can contribute and use the pool. 

Creating Question Pools

Creating Question Pools within studentcentral is very similar to creating an online test.

More help with Creating Question Pools can be found here

Or you can watch the video below:





Question Types

You may also find it useful to check out this page on Question Types, which covers how to add each type of question available in studentcentral.

Before implementing online tests we would recommend speaking to your Learning Technology Adviser who can provide both support and proven recommendations for successful implementation.