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Customising the Studies Tab with 'Widgets'



What are Widgets?

Your Studies Tab is made from a selection of widgets - these display information about your studies, for example the modules you study. The aim of these widgets is to provide you with clickable links to the various school, course and module areas on studentcentral, as well as other relevant information.

You can customise your Studies Tab by moving or collapsing/expanding these widgets. You can also delete any you do not wish to see, and add others in.   

Below is a video how to customise your studies tab. Alternatively, please read the written instructions below the video.


 Customising the Studies Tab - Video


Moving Widgets

You can move widgets around the page, by clicking on the widget title and dragging the widget into a new position. widget 3.png

Hover your mouse cursor over the grey title bar of the box, a little tab will appear to the left of the title bar. Move your mouse cursor over the tab, the cursor icon will change into a crosshair. Hold down your left mouse button and drag and drop the box into a different position on the page. A dotted outline will appear showing the space where the box can be dropped. Release your mouse button to drop the box into place.


Expanding/Collapsing Widgetswidget 1.png

Clicking the small arrow next to the title of a widget will expand or collapse the information within the widget. This is useful to temporarily hide the area without deleting it. 


Adding Widgets

You can add other course modules by clicking Add Widget on the top left of the Studies Tab. add widget 2.jpg

Removing Widgets

You can remove ‘widgets’ by clicking Add Widget (see above, scrolling down the list of widgets to find the one you want to remove, and click Remove

remove widget.png