Review and adding to studentcentral

Requesting a review of your reading list  

Click 'Edit' and select 'Request review'. The library will now know that your list is ready to be reviewed.

What library staff will do  

  • On receipt of your request for review, library staff will check existing availability of the resources listed, and purchase copies (including e-copies) according to anticipated demand
  • We will also check any links included, to ensure they work both on and off campus, and ensure your Aspire list is accessible from the module area within studentcentral (see Making your list available in studentcentral below)

Publishing your list  

Once your list has been reviewed by the library you can publish it to make it visible to students. Click the 'Publish' button top right of your list.   

Making your list available in studentcentral  

Linking your list to a module code will make the list visible in studentcentral. First make sure your list has been added to your My Lists area.
  • Make sure you have published your list
  • In Aspire, click 'Home'
  • Perform a search on the module number
  • In the results, select the module
  • You will get a screen showing details of the module
  • Select the option '+Add List' from the Lists linked to this Module box
  • Enter list title in the search box. The list will then be attached to the module and will appear in the box
  • Go into the Module on studentcentral and select the Reading list link to ensure it links to your Aspire list 
If you cannot find your module code, please contact your Information Adviser​.