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Electronic Management of Assessment: eSubmission, eMarking and eFeedback 


What it means

EMA refers to the electronic management of submission, marks and feedback but is not limited to all 3. Not all assessment work can be handled electronically but all marks and feedback could using the Gradecentre.

At the University of Brighton it is an expectation that all student assessments should be submitted through the University's software platforms Turnitin and/ or studentcentral (unless impractical; GEAR B2.5​).​ See Academic Standards Assessment and Submission 

Improving the students view

All students have access to a feature in studentcentral called 'My Grades'. This is the student view of the Gradecentre and is accessed via the Global Navigation Menu. When a Grade is entered into the Gradecentre (this includes grades entered into Turnitin) the student receives a notification of a grade available and is directed to their 'My Grades' to view the grade.

By ensuring that all module marks are entered into the Gradecentre you are also ensuring that students have a single location from which they can retrieve all initial module marks and feedback. 

EMA workflow



gradecentreWorkflow.pdfgradecentreWorkflow.pdf (see details of the Gradecentre, moving data from studentcentral to CAMS/SITS and the student view of My Grades)


Selecting the appropriate assessment tool 

This flowchart has been constructed to help you consider the different options for eSubmission and eMarking based on the type of assignment. EPortfolio submissions and studentcentral activity tool submissions (e.g. blogs, wikis, journals and discussion boards) are not covered in this chart. If you have questions about these methods we recommend that you refer to the materials provided further down on this page and also contact your Learning Techologies Adviser.


Image link for Assignment Decision Flowchart
Updated in August 2020

 Assignment decision flowchart.pdf (download a printable copy of the flowchart).

Feature comparison for tools we have to support EMA



The Gradecentre is a central point of access for tutors to manage the results of online Tests, Surveys, and Assignment submissions. Tutors can use the Gradecentre to mark and enter feedback on students' work that can be then made available to students using the global ‘My Grades’ tool.
NOTE: If doing any marking online it is essential that you become familiar with the functions and features of the Gradecentre as well as understanding what your students see via their 'My Grades'.


There are a range of supported options for esubmission:

- group Submissions
- multiple file submissions

- large files (exceeds 40mbs) or non-standard file types, such as video, audio, zip files.

an electronic ePortfolio tool with inbuilt submission functions.

 Tests include a number of traditional question types a well as short answer, essay questions, and file submission.

Computer Based Examinations


These can vary but often include:

  • studentcentral tests - multiple choice & short answer style exams
  • Use of specific software under controlled conditions
  • Typed essay examinations


More can be found about Computer Based Examinations here


My Grades


My Grades is the studentcentral student view of any grades that entered into the gradecentre. Students can view all grades across all modules from a single view. When grades are entered into the gradecentre and released to students they receive a notification alerting them to the release of marks and a route to view the details.

For a summary of MyGrades - click here




Policies and Support

If you’re unsure which solution best meets your needs, then speak to your Learning Techologies Adviser

Currently there is no compulsion on any colleagues to engage in eMarking/eFeedback. However, where eMarking is seen to be in the interests of enhancing the student experience, colleagues should consider its use as one of a number of tools to ensure prompt and useful feedback on student work. 

See Academic Standards Assessment and Submission for policies.

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