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Communication and collaboration

​Comm​unication and collaboration provide ways for students to add their voice to the learning process.



students arriving at the Moulsecoomb campus



Communication tools in studentcentral

​ Announcements

This tool is used to present time-dependent news and messages to students enrolled in a study area. This tool is often the opening page when a Study area is entered. Announcements can be time-released to display after and until set dates and times. A summary of recent announcements from the areas in which you are enrolled is shown on the studentcentral Home page.
Go to Adding an Announcement to find out more.


Emails can be sent from within study areas to the students enrolled on them. Emails are sent to the students’ university email (Unimail) address. Using this tool can save tutors having to create their own contact lists. Where the email tool is also part of the left hand menu in a study areas, students can also send emails.
Go to Using the Email tool to find out more.


Tasks works as a simple ‘to-do’ list in a study area. Tutors can list the tasks that a student needs to complete including a deadline date. Students are able to mark tasks as In Progress or Completed to allow the tutor to monitor student progress in a project or assignment.
Go to Setting up Tasks for more information.


You can use the course Calendar to provide students with dates for course-related events. Course calendar events appear to all members of the course.
Go to Using the Calendar tool to find out more.


Accessed on the Tools page, the Roster tool allows users to view a searchable list of students enrolled in your course.
Go to Using the Roster function for more information.

Interaction tools for collaboration in studentcentral



The Group tool allows students who are members of that group to access a private set of tools to undertake projects such as a blog, file exchange and discussion board.
The tool can also to used by tutors and administrators to organise students into email groups and to allow adaptive release of content.
Go to Using Groups in studentcentral to find out more.


The Blog tool is a way for students to contribute content to an area in a diary format with the content showing in date order. This tool is ideal for student reflection that can be viewed by other students in the study area.
Go to Blogs in studentcentral to find out more.
We also have a hosted blogging tool called Edublogs, this uses the blogging engine Wordpress, speak to your LTA to get started or visit



The Journal tool is similar to the Blog tool but is a private space for students and allows them to contribute content that can only be seen by the tutors. This tool could be used as a confidential diary for students on placement or for personal development updates.
Go to Journals in studentcentral for more information.

Discussion Board

This is a standard threaded discussion tool. Students can contribute posts to the discussion as a reply to another person’s message or start their own discussion topic.
Go to Discussion Boards in studentcentral to find out more. 


This is a collaborative space for students to add content collectively and create a ‘mini’ website. The pages created in the wiki retain a history of each students contributions.
Go to Wikis in studentcentral to find out more.

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