Grade Centre column visibility - for My Grades in global navigation

The My Grades Area in the new Global Navigation is populated by information from the studentcentral Grade Centre. Any mark which you do not want students to see, needs to be manually hidden in the Grade Centre. This also affects Turnitin assignments which are aggregated in the Grade Centre.

Each time you set up a submission point (using Turnitin or Blackboard's Assignment tool), Tests, Surveys or even assessed Blogs or Journals, a corresponding column is created in the Grade Centre. Unless the columns are hidden from students, any marks and feedback contained therein will be visible to students via the My Grades section of their Global Navigation.

You can control what is visible to students by hiding or un-hiding columns in the Grade Centre.


Video link: demonstration of how to change Grade Centre column visibility.


The Global Navigation area is situated at the top right of the page when students (and staff) login to studentcentral.  It allows students to review information aggregated from across their courses and modules.


Part of the Global Navigation is a section for students called "My Grades" which allows students to view and track grades across their modules. This is a very helpful feature for students to keep track of how they are doing, but we recommend that you take a moment to follow the instructions below to ensure that anything you do not want the students to see is set to be hidden.

Please Note: When setting up a Turnitin submission point, to ensure marks and feedback are released to students on, and not before, the Post Date, the 'Reveal grades to students only on post date' option should always be set to 'yes' - this will hide the corresponding column in the studentcentral Grade Centre until the Post Date has passed.


Check the visibility of marks

1. Go to your module and in the Control Panel, click Grade Centre, then click Full Grade Centre

2. Turnitin submission points, assignments and marked items (e.g. Blogs or wikis) will each have a column. You may have to scroll across to see all the columns in the Grade Centre.

3. This icon icon in the column heading means that it is hidden from students and therefore any marks will not be shown in the My Grades area – as in the example below. The symbol is a circle with a red diagonal line through it, similar to a 'No Entry' sign.


4. Any column without this icon is visible to students.


How to hide a column in the Grade Centre



1. Click on the chevron to the right-hand side of the column heading

2. In the pop-up menu select Edit Column Information


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select No for Show this Column to Students


4. Click Submit to save your changes.

Please Note: this "hide" method works for all column types including the Total column which aggregates all marks in the Grade Centre. Make sure that the Total column is also hidden.


Note that the Total column in the Grade Centre should also be hidden.