As more emphasis is being placed on delivering a blended curriculum approach do you know how to engage your students with the content you deliver via studentcentral?
Although the analysis tools in studentcentral appear limited they can be very revealing and are simple to use. This page provides an overview of what you can do to see the online activity in your modules on studentcentral.

Statistics Tracking

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Statistics tracking can be switched on for any content item within studentcentral. Once switched on, a report can be generated that details who accessed the content, and when. This is partiucularly useful when you want to track engagement with a specific item, such as a learning object or document.
Its very simple to do - you can even do it after you've added an content item (although it will be only be tracked from this date)

More on statistics tracking (including running the reports) can be found here

The Performance Dashboard

This function gives you the instructor a quick overview of your students’ activity on your module. You’ll see the date when they last accessed the module, number of days since accessing the module, number of posts they may have made in a discussion board, review status (if you use it) & grades held in the Grade Centre

More on The Performance Dashboard can be found here

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Course Reports

You can reports within a module that show engagement data for either a specific student, or all students. There are are a number of reports that can be produced. The most used are:

  • "Student Overview for a Single Course" - this report will show you activity within your module for a specific student
  • "Course Activity Overview" - this report will show you activity within your module for ALL students
Please note: some reports can take time to process once initiated, depending on the time period you have chosen and the level of engagement. If you have any problems producing a report, contact the Service Desk.

For more detail on the reports and how to produce them, you can see Blackboards help content here

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