Dealing with student email issues

Occasionally students report they are not receiving emails from tutors sent via studentcentral. This is often explained by one of a few simple issues with how their email account is set up. Below is a list of troubleshooting tips aimed at resolving these issues.

Troubleshooting Email

1. Are you accessing your university email directly, or have you set your emails to forward to an alternative account?

If so, please login to your University emails directly and check whether the missing emails are present. If they are, then you need to check your forwarding settings - if this has been set up incorrectly then not all email will be forwarded. We don't recommend you forward your university email to another account for this reason, and so you don't miss out on the features it gives you, such as OneDrive.

2.  How are you accessing your university email?

If you are accessing your email through a mobile device, or through software on your PC/Mac (e.g. Outlook or Mail), it's possible the device isn't configured correctly which explains your issues. Try logging in to your university email directly by clicking the Email button on the home page of studentcentral. If you find the missing emails there, you need to check your setup on your mobile device. More details here about setting up email on your mobile device 

3. Have you checked your junk mail / clutter?

Your email account will attempt to filter out any unwanted emails (junk), however may be over-zealous in doing so and place emails from your tutor into the junk folder. Log in to your email via studentcentral and check the junk folder, located under your inbox on the left side of the screen. 

If your emails are in the junk folder, move them to the inbox by right-clicking on the email and select 'Move to Inbox'. Your email account will recognise this and next time should not flag emails from that person as junk.

4. Have you blocked your tutor as a sender?

This can be done accidentally. You can check this by:

  • Clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner of your student email
  • Scroll down and under Your app settings click Mail (alternatively you can search for 'Block')
  • Under Accounts on the left hand side click ‘Block or Allow’
  • Scroll down and check the Blocked Senders box. If there are any email addresses in here, your email account is blocking emails from these senders. Remove these from the list if you think they should not be blocked
  • For example, you should not be blocking any email addresses with a address, or, as these are used to email you important information.

More information here about Blocking senders from Microsoft

Still having issues?

Please contact the Service Desk on 01273 64 4444 or email