Roles in studentcentral

Users are enrolled onto Module, Course and School areas with a particular role, which determines the priveledges that user has for the specific area. Most staff are enrolled as 'instructors', and students as 'students', but there are a number of roles with varying prividledges that can be used. 

Note: A role is specific to an area. E.g. if a user is enrolled as an instructor on one area, that role only applies for that specific area. Users can be enrolled in different areas with different roles if required. 

Role Overview

Role Brief Description Suggested Uses
Instructor Has full editing access to the studentcentral area. Can add/edit/remove content, access students grades and feedback.  Module leaders, Module tutors
BSMS Staff Access Same as instructor.  Used by Brighton & Sussex Medical School
Instructor no contact
Full editing rights as Instructor, but is not listed in the module contacts list Double markers, other Teaching Staff
Resource Support Has almost all editing rights, can add/edit/remove content. However cannot access the Grade Centre. Teaching assistants, Library Staff
Admin Support Has almost all editing rights, can add/edit/remove content. School admin support
Announce & Email No editing rights. Can post annoucements, send emails (even if email tool is unavailable) and add events to the area calendar Limited admin support
PASS Leader No editing rights. Same as a Student.  PASS Leaders
Student No editing rights.  Students
External Examiner Read-only access to the studentcentral area. Can see hidden content. Read only access to Grade Centre, but still has full access to Turntin.
External Examiners

In Practice

  • Most staff are enrolled as Instructors, allowing full access to all features. However this can result in incorrect staff being listed as teaching staff on the module contacts lists. In this case the 'Instructor no contact' role is a better choice. 
  • Roles can be changed at any time.
  • Roles are individual to a specific school, course or module area. If you need to make bulk changes, please contact your Learning Technologies Adviser

Changing a user's role in studentcentral

  1. Go the module or course area on studentcentral
  2. Go to Control Panel > users and groups > users
  3. You need to find the user you wish to make changes to. You can search for their name if that is easier. You should only make changes to users who are staff. If you are unsure, please contact your Learning Technologies Adviser.
  4. Once you have located the user you wish to change, click the little arrow next to their name, and click Change User's Role in Course
  5. On the next screen, select the new role for your specific user. See below for a full description of each role
  6. Click Submit to save

screenshot of changing role in studentcentral 


Role Specifics

Course Role
Listed in Contacts? Access to Control Panel?
Can see unavailable content? Add/Delete Content? Access to Course Tools? Access to Grade Centre?
Access to Turnitin?
Instructor Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Instructor no contact N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Resource Support N Y Y Y Y N Y 1
Admin Support
Announce and Email N N Y 2 N N N N
External Examiner
N Y (Read Only)
N Y (Read Only)
Y (Read Only)
PASS Leader
Student N N N N N N N

  1. The Resource Support role should not be able to access Turnitin, however currently a bug with Turnitin allows this role access. 
  2. The Announce & Email role can see unavailable menu items, but not unavailable content (such as unavailable folders/items/files)

Further Support

Please contact your Learning Technologies Adviser if you have any questions regarding roles.