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A blog is a simple web publishing tool that allows users to make entries to a web page with the entries all defined by date. These entries, known as posts, are primarily made up of written content with web links but can combine pictures, video and audio. Blog posts are shown in date order with the most recent first.
Blogs tend to be kept by an individual author who makes regular contributions in the form of blog posts. This diary format makes them an ideal way to record personal ideas and thoughts or convey information as part of a process of reflection combined with the ability to share these with others through the Internet.


As a simple, quick and effective means of web publishing, blogs provide an immediate and personal perspective from the author. Interaction is provided by blog readers being able to leave comments on a post in response to what has been written. In this way a dialogue between the blog author and the readership can be built up. This dynamic and informal approach to publishing content distinguishes blogs from static websites.

How do they work?



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 Case Study


Instructor: Dr Nina Dunne, Senior Lecturer in Child Health
Module: NAM112 - 2014/15 onwards
School: School of Health Sciences


Nina Dunne, uses studentcentral blogs with her students as a way to stimulate discussion of a pre-module set reading.

"The studentcentral blogging activity was well received and positively evaluated as the students felt it was a good way to introduce the topic and get them thinking about the topic before the module began. The discussions about the article...demonstrated the usefulness of the blog in developing this level of analysis ready for the start of the module. Even though this was formative all students engaged with the blog and submitted discursive texts...The students are engaged in research and talking like researchers, which is positive."

A screenshot of the NAM112 blog from SEM1 2014:
Student feedback:
"1st time I had used a blog and found it useful"
Collected feedback related to the blog activity specificallystudentfeedback.png