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Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning, sometimes referred to as reversed learning, is an increasingly popular teaching method. It’s a style of blended learning where students are required to gain knowledge of a subject prior to a seminar or lecture using online resources, usually video recordings, sometimes created by the lecturer and sometimes Open Educational Resources. Face to face time (lecture time) is then used to test students understanding of the subject by applying the knowledge using problem based learning or question sets.

 Flipped Learning Explained


What to consider before Flipping

  1. What will you Flip (single lecture, topic, module)?
  2. How will you source your videos (make, curate or a combination)?
  3. What software and equipment will you need to produce the content (recording your lectures)?
  4. How will you check if your students have interacted with the online content (learning analytics)?
  5. What activities will you do in the face to face sessions so that students apply their knowledge?

Tools and technologies useful for Flipping 

  • medialecture - screen recording content from your own computer
  • Online Tests on studentcentral
  • Adaptive releasing of content on studentcentral - this feature allows you to roll out online learning based on actions carried out by your students.
  • Nearpod - construct presentations that you can  push out to your students own devices for live synchronous interactions 
  • Polleverywhere - online service for classroom response and audience response system
  • Discussion Board - online discussion that can be used to encourage students to post and respond to questions around a topic
  • studentcentral Blogs - Blogging platform which can be used for reflection, interaction and engagement. NOTE: we also have a hosted version of Edublogs (Wordpress for education). Speak to your LTA for more information.
  • BoB - BoB National is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for education.
  • Recording your Lectures: The university does not currently have a dedicated 'lecture capture' solution. For prestige events which need to be recorded the Media Centre at Moulsecoomb Campus may be able to provide services and equipment. If you wish to record your presentation for use as an online learning resource, this page will take you through the tools and support available, what equipment you might need and tips to make sure that both you and your students benefit. See: Recording your lectures - includes links to resources

  • Learning Analytics - Find out how you can monitor your students' engagement with online activities in studentcentral

Case Studies here at Brighton

Examples at other Institutions

Additional Resources