Implementing tests and quizzes in studentcentral

Studentcentral has a test tool for online assessment designed to enable the provision of online formative and summative testing of your students.

Before implementing online tests we would recommend speaking to your Learning Technology Adviser who can provide both support and proven recommendations for successful implementation.

How to set up Tests 

Showing/Hiding Grades for a studentcentral test

By default, students will be able to see their grade at the end of the test. This may be problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Your test may feature some questions which require manual marking (e.g. short answer) so the grade displayed is incomplete.
  • The grade is not moderated and may require moderation once the examination is complete.
  • In a stressful environment it may not be appropriate to reveal the grade to the student. 

Once a test is created, we recommend hiding the relevant grade centre column until you are ready to release the examination grades. Details can be found here about hiding/revealing columns in the Grade Centre.

Test Options - Explanation & Recommendations


When creating a studentcentral test you are faced with a number of options before deployment. The recommendations below are based on best practice guidance from Blackboard & the experience of the eLearning team. They are also specific to summative examinations held on campus under invigilated conditions. We recommend following these guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of the examination.

Every exam is different, so feel free to contact your Learning Technologies Adviser if you are unsure of any settings. 


Setting​​ Explanation​​ Recommendation for Summative tests​
"Make the link available"​ ​This controls whether the link to the test is available for students to access Set to Yes. Then use the 'display after' and 'display until' options to schedule when the link will become available to students.  
​"Add a new announcement" ​This sends out an announcement to students to let them know there is a test to complete. Set to No. ​
​"Multiple Attempts" By default students get one attempt at the test. This setting allows you to change this and allow further attempts, and select which attempt will be counted as the grade. ​ ​Do not select Multiple Attempts (therefore students get one attempt) unless this is required
​"Force Completion" If enabled, once students have started the test they cannot leave the test until complete. If a student attempts to leave the test midway through, studentcentral will automatically submit their test attempt. ​

Do not select this setting

If the exam is properly invigilated, there is no need to use this setting. Be clear with students that they must complete the test in one sitting. Invigilators must ensure students have submitted the exam before leaving the exam

If you wish to use this setting, proceed with caution. If students accidentally close their browsers, leave the test or survey page, or lose power or their internet connections, they cannot continue. They must contact you to allow them to start over with a new attempt.

​"Set Timer" ​If enabled, a timer counts down informing the students of their time remaining​

Students in invigilated exams will be timed seperately and invigilators will control when the time has elapsed.

However if you wish to use this function then feel free to do so. Note that you can use 'test availability exceptions' (below) to give specific students more time on their timer.

​"Auto Submit"

If the timer is enabled, studentcentral will automatically submit the students test when the timer expires. ​

Do not select this setting.

There may be reasons why students need to continue after the agreed examination time - fire drills or technical issues for example. Some students may also be given additional time as part of their LSP (Learning Support Plan).   ​

"Display After/Until"​ ​Set dates/times the test link will be available/unavailable to students ​Use these settings to schedule the availability of the test. Ensure you account for students with additional time
"Password"​ ​Set a password for the test

Use this option. Give out the password at the start of the agreed examination time to ensure all students start at the same time. ​

"Test Availability Exceptions"​​ ​This can be used to give certain students additional time (if timer is enabled), multiple attempts or schedule different availability. Use ​this option if you have timer enabled. You can select students who need additional time and select the time required.
"Due Date"​ ​This will appear in the calendar, and can monitor/prevent those who start after the deadline.  

Do not select this setting.

​"Self Assessment Options"

These options allow you to define whether;

a) test grades are included in any further calculations (e.g. you may use a weighted column to calculate an overall grade)

b) Whether test results are hidden from instructors. ​

Include the test grade in any calculations unless you have a reason not to.

Do not hide results from instructors, otherwise you will be unable to see your students grades!

​"Show Test & Feedback to Students"

This allows you to set what feedback students can see when they have completed their test. ​

By ticking any of the boxes students will be able to see a copy of the test questions on completion of the test.

  • Score per Question: Shows the student the score they achieved per question
  • All Answers: Shows all possible answers for the question
  • Correct: Shows which answer(s) was the correct answer(s)
  • Submitted: Shows which answer(s) the student selected
  • Feedback: If you have entered feedback (this can be automated when creating a question), this will be displayed
  • Show Incorrect Questions: Will show which questions the student got wrong/partially wrong

Untick all boxes to ensure students do not see any feedback or a copy of the exam script.

You should also hide the relevant column in the grade centre to ensure students cannot see their grade. See this page for more detail


If you wish to make this feedback available at a later date after the exam, you can do so by selecting 'On a Specific Date' in the first column, and tick the feedback options accordingly. You should also unhide the appropriate grade centre column on this date.

Students will be able to access their grade through MyGrades and the feedback will appear based on the information you added in the test options.   

"Test Presentation"​

Whether you wish the students to see the entire test 'all at once', or whether they see each question 'one at a time'. ​


If 'One at a Time' is selected, you can also prohibit students moving back after viewing a question.  

​We recommend the 'One at a Time' option, with prohibit backtracking turned off.

This reduces the load when submitting the test, and can make it a little less daunting when they are many questions. As a student moves to the next question, their answer is saved automatically.  

​"Randomise Questions" The order of questions is randomised for each student ​ ​This can be used if the order of questions is not logical. Check you have not named any questions (e.g. Question 1, Question 2 etc) as this may confuse students.

 For more detail about these settings, click here to see the Blackboard guidance on Test Settings.


NOTE: if in doubt, please speak to your Learning Technologies Adviser BEFORE the students take the test.

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