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Managing the distribution of grades and feedback on studentcentral

The studentcentral Gradecentre (available in every module, unit or course on studentcentral) provides you with an area to store and manage results data.
Each time you use Turnitin, the studentcentral Assignment tool, Tests, Surveys or even assessed Blogs or Journals, a corresponding column is created in the Gradecentre from which you can manage feedback and grades and distribute the results to your students via the student Grade Centre interface called My Grades.
You can also manually add columns that can assist with the management and distribution of student grades for other assessed activities like poster presentations, presentations, critiques.
If doing any eSubmission or eMarking then we recommend that you understand how the Gradecentre works, what the advantages of using it are and how the students view their results.
Click here to see the studentcentral Gradecentre page. Alternatively, there is a full explanation of the Gradecentre on Blackboard’s Help site here.

 Understanding the student view of the Gradecentre


Advantages of using the Grade Centre


Managing and distributing all student coursework grades via the Grade Centre provides a single point for students to access and reflect upon their results across all modules. As an Instructor on studentcentral, using the Grade Centre gives you a better understanding of individual student performance across all your modules and enables you to make better use of the new Retention Centre.

Key Features of the Grade Centre

The student view – My Grades

 Using the Gradecentre data to import into SITS

Once grades have been recorded in the Gradecentre the final module score can be exported ready for importing into SITS. This can be done by sorting the data and using a VLOOKUP formula to transfer the data from the studentcentral export into the SITS export. Before attempting to do this please make sure contact your LTA.

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