Notifications in studentcentral


What are Notifications?

Notifications are automatic alerts sent to students based on changes made in the courses and modules in which they are enrolled in studentcentral.
Notifications are generated when:
  • Content is added
  • Announcements are placed
  • students are enrolled on modules (and these are made available in studentcentral)
  • Due Dates are set (only relevant for the Blackboard Assignment and Test tools)
  • there are unread Blog or Journal posts or Discussion Board entries
  • if items have been graded (where they are made available from the Grade Centre).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Turnitin submission Due Dates DO NOT generate notifications as Turnitin is a separate third party tool. Students will need to be notified of Turnitin due dates using Announcements or email.

How are Notifications received?


Notifications are displayed to tutors and students in studentcentral:
  • In the ‘What’s New’ block that can be found on the Home tab (showing all notifications) and in the Dashboard section of individual module areas (showing notifications for that module).
  • In the Global Navigation menu in the Updates and Posts sections.
Notifications are sent to students via:
  • Email to their University email address
  • and on their mobile device if they have the Blackboard app installed.
Note: staff will not receive notifications on their mobile device if they have the Blackboard Instructor mobile app installed.

Editing Notification Settings


Due to the nature and frequency of notifications, students may wish to amend the settings to change the notifications they receive via email and mobile, or those they see in the ‘Whats New’ section and from the Global Navigation menu.
Staff may wish to edit the types of notifications they see in the What’s New Section and if they want notifications sent to them based on grading assignments from the Grade Centre.