Tabs – who sees what


This table details which tabs a student will see in studentcentral depending on their role.

​Student Role ​Studentcentral tab access (in order)

Postgraduate Applicant

(application started but not submitted through online

postgraduate application system, IPP)

No Status Code  

  • No studentcentral access

  • SITS Master User Account used to authenticate to IPP​

 ​Portal Applicant

(application submitted through UCAS/IPP/Direct Applicant – QAS)

See note 3.

Status Code – B  

  1. ​Applicant Area (eVision – see note 2)

​Portal Applicant

(CF/UF)Status Code – AB

  1. ​Applicant Area (eVision – see note 2)

  2. New Student Area

​Non-Portal Applicant See note 3.

(CF/UF)Status Code – A  

  1. ​New Student Area

​Applicant ready for Online Enrolment

ATR complete and Online Enrolment open

Status Code – O

  1. ​Enrol (eVision – see note 2)

  2. New Student Area

​Applicant Provisionally Enrolled Online Enrolment 


Status Code – P

  1. ​ Home

  2. Studies

  3. NSA (until Christmas)

  4. Personal (eVision – see note 2)

  5. Help

Enrolled Student (including Applicant and Enrolled)

In-person enrolment completed if required.

Status Code – E


  1. Home

  2. Studies

  3. Personal (eVision – see note 2)

  4. Help



1. Staff access is totally independent so if a person is a student/applicant and a staff member, they will have two LDAP accounts and access will be generated depending on which user account they use to log in. All staff see Home/Studies/Personal (demo)/Email/Help and Advice (staff).
2. The content displayed on eVision pages for students is as defined in Role Groups (RGD) in SITS. They will see the top ranked eVision page (eg Online Enrolment task) with menu access to all their other eVision content.
3. Some courses sit outside the Applicant Area such as non-credit bearing courses or CPD. Approximately 5% of applicants are these Non-Portal Applicants (Status A).