Templates & Baseline

The university has agreed the use of a standard menu template in module study areas on studentcentral. The module menu template was introduced in conjunction with the instances project implementation so that all module study areas are created using a default template for each academic year. This is what the template looks like:


The template has been designed to provide a consistent and familiar learning experience to students using studentcentral. This also means  academics and administrators will know where to place their online information and learning content with confidence.
The sections in the template outline below have been aligned to the existing official e-learning baseline as a minimum standard for modules.

Module Area Menu




​Announcement and new content available by default as module overview

Also provides staff link to Photo Register


​Announcements section which is used to communicate with students

​Module Information

​Official content

Statement on the use of the Studentcentral area and what is expected of students in their use of the area

Module descriptor*

Module handbook (if appropriate)

Academic Health Reports

​Study Materials

​Learning materials provided by the tutors. Handouts (for example, lecture notes, powerpoint presentations)

​Assessment & Grades

Provides students with access to all grades set as available in the grade centre

​Turnitin points and assessment info replicated from handbook

Assessment guidelines (including details on the use of eSubmission)

*Both module descriptors and staff contact details are generated automatically. For more detail on this, please click here

In addition to the existing minimum requirement for module areas, the Blended Learning Sub-Committee (BLSC) has recommended the following minimum use of Course Areas on studentcentral:

Module Resources Widget

Module Contacts
​Staff contact details
Module Specification
Module Descriptor etc.
StudentCentral Help
Link to page with tutorial videos and help guides for students using StudentCentral the first time
​Subject Guide
​Link to Library subject guides for the student's course
​Reading List
Link to the Aspire Reading List for the module
​LinkedIn Learning
Link to LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda.com) for online software tutorials and more


Course Area Menu





​Announcements/Course Welcome Message

​Course Information

Official content


Links to Course Board information (minutes, other papers)


Academic Health Reports


All relevant Course handbook(s) and/or Programme Specification(s)


Career Planning agreement

New Student course induction content including pre-arrival reading


Course Leader contact details


Course Representative contact info

​New Student (or similar) New Student iInformation about the course for new students (will be available after online enrolment)

Your Voice Matters

Closing the feedback loop. Letting students feed back and letting them know what has been done. 


School Area Menu





New Student ​Generic information about the school including a welcome message, information of SSGTs and key dates.