Tests: how to clear an attempt for an individual student

When you deploy a test in studentcentral, a column is automatically created in the Grade Centre; this is where students’ results are stored.
The Grade Centre can be accessed via the Control Panel > Grade Centre.
grade centre menu.png

The Grade Centre is similar to a spreadsheet arranged in rows and columns with students’ names listed in the first two columns.
To clear an attempt for an individual student:
  1. Click on the downward facing chevron next to the mark which you would like to clear.


  2. Then click on the Attempt which you would like to clear, as shown in the pop-up menu.
  3. In the Attempt area, click on Test Information.
    clear attempt ind.png

  4. In the Test Information area, click on the Clear Attempt button to clear the attempt. This will allow the student to take the test again. It is also worth noting that the Access Log is available in this area so if you need to check on a student's access to a test (for example, the student encountered problems) you can see what times they accessed and submitted the test in the log entries.