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The Dashboard



What is it?

The Dashboard has been designed by Blackboard as the default ‘landing page’ that students first see when entering a study area in studentcentral.



The Dashboard page acts as a summary of activity for a specific study area by collecting and highlighting details of new and changed content in one place. Details on this page are constantly updated to display the latest information to reflect newly added content and announcements and can also include approaching online assignment submission deadlines, calendar events and set tasks if the related online tools for these are used by the tutor within the study area.

NOTE: Where required for teaching and learning activities, additional Dashboard ‘Widgets’ can be developed. Some examples of additional widgets may be where a twitter #tag is being used on the module or perhaps where Leader boards are being used to motivate groups of students using data from the Grade Centre or other data sources.
There are also additional ‘widgets’ available that either core or ones we’ve added that may be of use across multiple modules, eg. one that links through to studentfolio.

Adding ‘Widgets’

You can add other course modules by clicking Add Course Widget on the top left of the Dashboard.


Removing ‘Widgets’

You can remove ‘widgets’ from the screen above or by clicking the small cross located top right of the ‘widgets’.