As more emphasis is being placed on delivering a blended curriculum approach do you know how to engage your students with the content you deliver via studentcentral?
Although the analysis tools in studentcentral appear limited they can be very revealing and are simple to use. This post looks at what you can do to see the online activity in your modules on studentcentral.


The Performance Dashboard

This function gives you the instructor a quick overview of your students’ activity on your module. You’ll see the date when they last accessed the module, number of days since accessing the module, number of posts they may have made in a discussion board, review status (if you use it), grades held in the Grade Centre and if you use the Early Warning System, then this is also available from here.

Accessing the Performance Dasboard

On any of your modules go to the Control Panel and select Evaluation > Performance Dashboard.
perf dash.png


 Interpreting the Performance Dashboard Results

perf dash 1.png

NOTE: you can click the arrow in the header row of a column to sort the table data by that column.


The data in the following columns can be used to sort the table but cannot be changed or reviewed:
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Username
  • Role
  • Last Course Access
  • Days Since Last Course Access


Interactive Columns

The following columns when available can be used to report on other performance features. Click the link or icon for a user to access their data.


Review Status: When adding content to your module you can enable a feature called Review Status.

This give students the ability to indicate they’ve Reviewed that content.

The Review status column displays the number of Content Items that have been reviewed by a user. Click the link for a detailed view of Content Items reviewed.
Adaptive Release: This column allows you to get an overview of what each of your students can see and what items they’ve Reviewed. Click the icon to display the Menu for a user showing every Content Item in the Course. Items use icons to indicate whether content items and folders are visible or invisible to the user and whether the items have been reviewed.

Discussion Board: If you’re using a discussion board on your module, this column displays the number of posts for the user. Click the link to display which Forums the user has posted to and statistics about each post. Forum names link to a Collection of posts for the user.
View Grades: Click the icon to display the Grade Centre.