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Wikis in studentcentral


What are wikis in studentcentral?


A wiki is an open web publishing tool that allows users to collaboratively write shared content in the form of a website. Users can read and change existing content and set up new pages within it. Each time changes to a page are made, a version of the previous page is saved, detailing who made the changes with the time and date. This history can be viewed or republished to the wiki at any time and forms a permanent record of a wiki’s development.


Benefits of wikis

These features make a wiki ideal for online group work where:
  • the flexibility to create, edit and restructure content is required
  • information needs to be collated or organised by different people
  • content needs to be updated and published collectively
  • a record of the contributions made by different users over a period time is advantageous
  • content that has previously been edited or removed can be retrieved
  • viewing how content has developed or changed over a period of time is advantageous.

How do they work?

Created a Wiki already but need to link to it?

Check out this page here


Fully Supported

For more information and full details on how to use the service, please contact your Learning Technology Adviser.

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