journal.pngA Journal is a term used in studentcentral for an individual student blog where the content can only be seen and added to by the student. Each student has a private space that only they and the instructors on the course can view. Instructors can add comments to a student’s journal posts.


What is the difference between a blog and a journal in studentcentral?


A journal differs from a blog in that, by default, it is private between the student and instructor, whereas a blog is open to postings and comments by all enrolled students in a study area.
Note: a journal can be made public by the instructor so that all enrolled users can read all entries made to the journal. However, if you required these settings, we would recommend using a blog instead. Click here for more about creating blogs



As a simple, quick and effective means of web publishing, a journal provides an immediate and personal perspective from the author. Interaction is provided by the ability of a tutor to leave comments on a post in response to what has been written. In this way, a dialogue between the journal author and the tutor can be built up.
A journal is like a blog but is typically private between the tutor and the student and is ideal for reflection.
There is also a set of instructions for students which explains how to post entries to a journal. You can click this link or copy and paste this link into your module area:
In addition there is a video you could link to for your students by clicking this link or pasting this