studentfolio (e-portfolio)


What is studentfolio?

Studentfolio is the University’s dedicated web-based ePortfolio tool, built on the popular Mahara platform.
Following a successful pilot period, studentfolio has been adopted as an Institutionally supported e-portfolio tool.

Watch the presentation given at the University of Brighton Learning and Teaching Conference 2012, We have the Power! Evaluating an Institutional e-Portfolio Tool.

Here is a short video explaining studentfolio's use as an e-portfolio tool.

  • Personal Development Planning (PDP)
  • Evidence for summative assessment
  • Records of achievement
  • Target setting and planning
  • Project management
  • Critical reflection
How does it work?

Step 1 – Add
  • Assemble content
  • Write a personal profile.
  • Upload and organise files.
  • Write a blog.

Step 2 – Create
  • Select the content you want to share with others.
  • Build simple web pages by dragging and dropping content.
  • Make multiple customized web pages for different purposes and people.

Step 3 – Share
  • Choose who can see your web pages.
  • Make your content available to friends and tutors.
  • Send links to people outside the university.
  • Receive and send feedback on content.

Managing groups in studentfolio

Studentfolio allows tutors to add groups to manage student collaboration and submission. 



An ePortfolio enables students to take advantage of the digital technologies that have transformed the way they can represent themselves and their work online.
  • More convenient. Being able to record and share aspects of their learning and development electronically, in the form of an ePortfolio, is often more convenient.
  • showcase to demonstrate their learning and development. An ePortfolio provides the opportunity to showcase their continuous academic development and acquisition of skills to tutors and potential employers.
  • An opportunity to practice digital skills. Working electronically to manage their professional profile and learning in an ePortfolio provides students with the type of technical skills employers are looking for.
  • Represent themselves professionally online. Having a secure and private space to develop their personal identity before making it public can ensure they make the right first impression.
  • Adaptable and flexible. Content in an ePortfolio can be quickly and easily updated or customised to present content to different audiences, for example, to a potential employer or for assessment.
  • A single place to collect and save work. All of their digital work is held in one place that you can access securely through the Internet.


At the moment access to studentfolio is only accessible to students with an active university username and password. However, students can take their work with them when they graduate by exporting it in either a standard eportfolio format or as static HTML pages.
The pilots have shown that the introduction of an e-portfolio tool needs to be carefully aligned to the curriculum, have a clear purpose and be actively promoted by academics to be effective. Depending on these factors, other e-portfolio tools may be more suitable for your needs.
Digital working practices need to be adopted by academics and students to make full use of Mahara’s potential as an e-portoflio tool.

Help using studentfolio

Before using studentfolio with your students you’ll need to talk to your local LTA to discuss a framework for implementing   and supporting the software.

Visit the studentfolio help and support website


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