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Blended Learning Policies and Guidance

​The University recommends the appropriate use of BL as part of the student learning experience within modules and courses. It is expected that BL will be an integral part of student learning.

Policies relating to Blended Learning are generally developed by the Blended Learning Sub-Committee and then approved by its parent committee the Learning and Teaching Committee, and then Academic Standards Committee.
Blended Learning policies cover these areas which are detailed below and in the combined Blended Learning Policy​ document.
  • Minimum Use of studentcentral and default templates for module areas
  • Minimum Use of studentcentral and default templates for course and school areas
  • Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA)
  • Use of external services
  • Digital Literacies
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Mobile policy, guidelines and device support

Minimum Use of Studentcentral and Default Templates for Module areas

A minimum usage of studentcentral is required to provide consistency and quality to the online learning experience.

Minimum Use of Studentcentral and Default Templates for Course areas

All courses to be represented on Studentcentral – this could be at course, division or School level.

Minimum Use of Studentcentral and Default Templates for School areas

All School areas to be represented on studentcentral.

Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA)

1.    e-only submission (i.e. all text-based submission using Turnitin) with a rolling programme of adoption to be completed by end of the academic year 2013-14
2.    all academic and administrative staff using eSubmission are strongly encouraged to undertake training and be aware of the guidelines for quality assurance due to the high risks involved with assessment processes
3.    clarification of the roles and responsibilities of academics and administrators with regard to eSubmission in each School
4.    all students to be made aware of the eSubmission guidelines
5.    resourcing to be provided to ensure that staff have monitors with good screen resolution and extra monitors to be available on loan for marking
6.    e-only Feedback to be encouraged
7.    exceptions to using e-only submission, with appropriate rationales, to be approved by Head of School and logged
8.    As a minimum requirement all significant overview feedback should be type written

Policy (May 2016)
To provide a single location on studentcentral for grades and feedback to students.
1.    My Grades to become the single interface for all grades across all modules by the start of academic year 2016/17. Ratified grades to be delivered via the ‘personal’ tab (SITS).
2.    My Grades to become the single interface for all digital feedback across all modules. Digital feedback may be a range of formats such as text and audio.

Use of External Services

Guidelines (last updated June 2016)
These guidelines aim:
1.    To help the Blended Learning SubCommittee determine appropriate recommendations for LTC on the adoption of external services for blended learning and, conversely, what services or functions would be more appropriate to maintain internally.
2.    To help individual academics or course teams who may wish to adopt subject-specific external software or services beyond the services provided centrally within the university
The external services guidelines are available here.

Digital Literacies

The Digital Literacies Framework has been approved. All academic staff will be encouraged to have the core level of digital literacies for their learning, teaching, research and administrative work at the University.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Any member of staff wishing to run a MOOC must get approval from LTC. This is to ensure quality, support and sustainability. In the first instance a member of staff would need to seek approval from their Head of School/Department.


The University encourages students to make appropriate use of laptops and mobile devices in their learning, teaching and assessment in a formal learning and teaching environment.


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