Service Description

Online learning environment for students​

We are aware that there are currently issues with marking Turnitin submissions using iPads. Full details of the issues, and their current status, can be found here 

In the meantime we recommend that marking is completed using a desktop/laptop computer via web browser as opposed to using the Turnitin app for iPad. We will review this advice when we hear more from Turnitin support or when an update for the app is released and tested. 


​Staff and student email systems, available via web access​ or desktop client (staff only)


Online Postcode lookup software​


​Online BACS payment system


​Tool for producing academic surveys and questionnaires.


​Remote desktop tool enabling access to Medical School email and School applications


​Database reporting tools used for Finance and Student Records systems reporting



​Central service for recording screencasts available via the Camtasia Relay software or TechSmith FUSE on mobile devices



University wide Camtasia Relay Service


​Systems that support logins to university services


​Infrastructure supporting all central IT services within the university


Services that provide access to central business systems when working on and off campus


Research Management Information System​


​University's Corporate Website


​Online Courses Database



​Online Customer Relationship Management system


​Collaborative departmental file storage for staff (being replaced with MyDepartments)


​Departmental networked file storage, for schools and departments that are not yet using the My Department service.


Network file storage for ​schools and departments that have not yet migrated to the My Department service.


Staff and student email systems, available via web access​ or desktop client (staff only)


BOXI including Infoview, DeskI and WebI


​Online student records systems encompassing CAMS, Ceremonies, MAS, eVision, Application Tracker and SI Live​.


​Online learning environment for students​


​Online room booking and timetabling system


​​Facility CMIS room booking and timetabling system.

Online finance systems, encompassing eFin and other financial services and applications


​Freedom of Information request tracking system


​Online HR systems encompassing MyView, eRecruitment and ResourceLink

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