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UniCard Online

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Online UniCard account management system, encompassing online account, UniCard purchasing, access control and catered halls.

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On Friday 20th July 2018 UniCard and Mobile Printing services will be undergoing essential systems maintenance between 09:30 – 16:30. Work is being undertaken to help improve service reliability and to facilitate the introduction of future service improvements.
During this time the following UniCard and printing services will be affected and unavailable:
           Paying for Library fines via the web centre called (UniCard Online facility)
           Crediting UniCard Accounts (Cash & Credit Cards)
           Accessing the UniCard online facility (Web Centre)
           UniCard top-ups using credit cards.
           Mobile Print Service
           Accessing the UniCard online Store.
The following remaining UniCard and printing services will be unaffected by these works and will remain available:
           Using your UniCard in University restaurants however you will not be able to drawing down funds onto the cards.
           Sport & Recreation.
           Access Control. Printing Services (Logging onto Kiosks & Print Release Stations)
           Printing in computer poolrooms using print/copy/scan devices
           Student Union VMC (UK) Ltd EPOS tills (same as units in UoB restaurants)
           All EMOS EPOS till systems (IS and School of Art, Reprographics)
           Using your UniCard in the Library excluding library fines.

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