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We are aware of issues affecting Turnitin Feedback Studio and the Turnitin/Blackboard Integration, and are working with Turnitin support to resolve the problems.
Issue: Some students report that they are unable to view their feedback in Turnitin (e.g. on-paper annotations and feedback summary), even though other students may have been able to
This is caused by a synchronisation issue between Turnitin and the studentcentral grade centre and subsequently My Grades, the method by which students access their unratified marks and feedback. This issue will only be encountered by students. When the error arises affected students will be shown an integration error page when they attempt to access their feedback.

Solution: this issue can be addressed by clicking the Sync Grades option above each Turnitin Inbox in a module. This option can be accessed by going to Course Tools, then Turnitin Assignments and the “Sync Grades” link is seen above each inbox in the module. Using the Sync Grades link forces Turnitin to re-synchronise with the grade centre and to pass through any marks and feedback which are not passing between the tools correctly.
We continue to work with Turnitin Support to resolve these issues. You may find it helpful to refer to the following blog post for recommendations and updates as they become available: 

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The Data Centre in Amsterdam that hosts the university’s Studentcentral service will be undergoing essential maintenance on Friday 28th December 2018 02:00 – 06:00
During this period Studentcentral will be unavailable, and we recommend that you avoid scheduling any submission deadlines to fall during this period.
Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this essential maintenance, please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any queries regarding this work.

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