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Accessibility support

We aim to provide the same level of access to our services for all staff and students and offer the following. Staff at all our service points would be happy to advise further.

Access to library buildings

If you have a condition which prevents you from using the stairs unaided in an emergency you will require a personal emergency egress plan (PEEP).

Please speak to staff at your local library Help Desk​ about this.

Access to library resources

  • Information Advisers can provide one to one support in accessing library resources. Contact your Information Adviser to arrange an appointment or ask at the nearest library Help Desk.
  • Help Desk staff will collect books from library shelves if required.
  • The library provides access to a significant collection of ebooks which can offer increased accessibility benefits to those with a visual impairment.  Accessibility features such as text magnification and screen reading compatibility vary depending on the ebook provider.  For more information, please see our ebook guide
  • All digitised course materials are provided OCR ready and the library can assist with further tagging on request. Please contact your Information Adviser to arrange this if necessary.
  • The library can assist in providing reading in alternative formats, to aid accessibility.  Please contact your Information Adviser for further information.
  • Students can access RNIB bookshare, a free service for print disabled (including dyslexic) students. Please contact your Information Adviser or ask at the nearest library Help Desk for registration information.

Photocopying in libraries

Library staff can also help with:

  • Assistance with limited amounts of photocopying
  • More extensive support may be provided by staff from the Student Services Disability and Dyslexia team 

Adaptive equipment in open access computer areas and libraries

You will find the following equipment:

  • Height adjustable desks 
  • Adjustable monitor arms 
  • Scanners 
  • Digital magnifiers 
  • Low level print/copy/scan devices in some areas 

​You can find out details of our open access computer areas here. Look out for student helpers​ or ask the library Help Desk staff if you are unsure where to find this equipment.


The university provides a set of standard software for staff and students, and also a range of specialist accessibility software

Information Services service points

​Induction loops are installed on most of our service points.

Facilities in teaching rooms

  • ​Induction loops in most rooms with a capacity of 40 or more
  • Height adjustable lecterns

Lecture and teaching rooms​ page for more information and support contacts.

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