Library and IT services for alumni

The following information applies to students graduating from taught courses. For non-taught post-graduate researchers, your access to IT and Library borrowing services continues until the time you leave the university.


IT services after you finish your course

The end of your course can be a very busy time with exams, assignments, followed by well-earned breaks, starting work or new courses.  To give you time to sort and gather up all the information you want to keep, you can access a number of services for eight weeks, or for some services eighteen months, after you finish your course.


Service​​​ Your Action plan​​

​studentcentral and university login:

Your computer login remains active for eight weeks after you finish your course so that you can copy or transfer any important files and information from studentcentral and networked servers.

​Copy files you want to keep from studentcentral and university networked folders - if you've used them.

Deadline: course end date + eight weeks

​ (LinkedIn Learning):

​You have access to online training resources through (LinkedInLearning) for three months after you finish your course. A great opportunity to brush up on presentation and interview techniques or learn skills your new/prospective employers are looking for.​

​Find out how our online training resources can help you plug skills gaps and get a job - see Recommendations for you. Don't leave it too late!

Deadline: course end date + three months

​studentfolio and blog:

​You have access to your studentfolio profile  and your blog  for one year after graduation. Studentfolio allows you to ‘export’ all your records to another eportfolio service.  You can download your blog as an XML file, ready to use in any other Wordpress installation.

Export your blog

Export your ePortfolio

Deadline: course end date + one year


​When you finish your course we can refund any money you have left on your UniCard account. There is an administrative charge of £10 for this service.  We recommend that you use any unspent funds to avoid the £10 administration charge. You have up to one year from finishing your course to either UniCard rebate or use your UniCard  to purchase items form university outlets. 

Use up funds from your UniCard account, or claim a UniCard rebate

Deadline: course end date + one year


​​Office 365 (email, OneDrive ...):

You have access to your Office 365 account for eighteen months after you finish your course. During this time you can ‘export’ contact information and copy documents from your OneDrive folders. You can also let people know your new email address and forward useful email messages.

​If necessary, create a new personal email account and tell people your new email address. 'Export' contact info from your university O365 account and download/copy  documents you want to keep from your university OneDrive. 

Deadline: course end date + 18 months

To access your email account after you leave the university, just connect directly to
Note that after you leave you won't be able to use MyInfo to change your password. If possible, change your password before you leave using MyInfo

If you have already left, you should go to the Outlook site to change your password BUT DO NOT USE this method if you are still a student at the university.




Library Services for alumni

Your library account and access to e-resources will expire the day after you complete your course, but you can apply for external membership of the library any time after you graduate. The first year's membership is free and after that you can enjoy a discounted rate of £40 per annum – a saving of £30 off the normal rate.
As an external member you can borrow up to six books for three weeks at a time. Unfortunately you are not able to access e-resources due to licensing restrictions.
For more information and an application form see  External membership.