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IT Services

IT Services, managed by Mark Eade, provides a range of digital infrastructure and IT support services to the university. IT Services is made up of the following sections:

IT Service Desk 

The IT Service Desk act as the first point of contact for IT faults and enquiries.

Service Desk


Tel 01273 64(4444) 


The Service Desk is staffed at the following times: 

08:30 - 17:00 Monday - Thursday 

08:30 - 16:30 Friday 



The Telecoms team is responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the entire University of Brighton telephone system as well as the provision of mobile and fixed telephones. This is a large and complex telephone system supporting the business needs of a demanding organisation.

Key activities of this team include: 

  • Telephone switch management and operations
  • Telephone equipment installation, monitoring and management
  • Installation and maintenance of telephone lines
  • Provision of mobile and fixed line telephony
  • Telephone directory services
  • Switchboard operator services

Business Systems

The Business Systems team has responsibility for the technical development and operation of all corporate applications that are managed by Information Services on behalf of the University.  These include SITS, eFinancials, Resourcelink, Kinetics and FacilityCMIS amongst others.

Key activities of this team include:

  • Application upgrades
  • System integrations
  • Underlying Oracle and SQLServer Database management
  • Application security patching and risk management
  • Business requirements analysis and advice
  • Detailed application and database monitoring
  • 3rd line application technical support​ 


Network Services

The Network Services team is responsible for the security, development, maintenance and operation of the entire University of Brighton data network, associated equipment, cabling, communications rooms, and all inter-site and external data links. This is a large and complex network supporting both the business and research needs of a technologically demanding organisation.

Key activities of this team include: 

  • Network security and risk management
  • Network equipment installation, detailed monitoring and management 
  • Wireless network provision and management 
  • Installation and maintenance of all data cabling 
  • Communications room management, health and safety 
  • Liaison with other departments regarding network infrastructure 
  • 3rd line network infrastructure support​


Core Services

The Core Services team develops and supports the core IT infrastructure services of the University, notably the University email, identity management, filestore, physical and virtual servers and storage, and also has overall responsibility for the main University datacenters. In addition the team ensure the underlying security and operations of the computer operating systems and the management of risk around continuity of the technical IT services.

Key activities of this team include the management and development of:

  • Datacentre Management
  • Virtual Server and Storage infrastructure​
  • Operating System platforms (Windows, Linux, VMWare, Citrix XenApp)
  • e-Mail infrastructure and software
  • Filestore infrastructure
  • Data Backup infrastructure
  • Identity and Access Management infrastructure and software
  • Web server, SSL certificates, DNS, DHCP, NTP
  • Security patching and risk management
  • Detailed system monitoring
  • 3rd line systems support



Technical Services

The Technical Services team provide IT services and support across each university campus. This includes: 



Unicard Services

The Unicard Services team oversees a range of commercial services provided by IT. This includes:

 Mark Eade - Asst. Director of IS IT Services




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