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​IT Service Desk and Service Status page

Check the current status of IT services

Before reporting a fault in a service please check this page first as we may already be aware of the problem.
Where unexpected faults arise, the status light is changed to show that IT Services are aware of the problem and are working to fix it (Key Below).

 Contacting the Service Desk


To report a problem not listed below or raise a new Service Desk call: 


The Service Desk is staffed at the following times:
08:30 - 17:00 Monday - Thursday
08:30 - 16:30 Friday


 IT Status List

Service Description

Online student records systems encompassing CAMS, Ceremonies, MAS, eVision, Admissions Portal and SI Live​.

​Dear colleagues,
We are aware that some users may be experiencing intermittent hanging issue with SITS and Evision, IT Services are aware and investigating currently. 
We will provide an update as soon as further information is available.
Apologies for any problems this causes you.

Online learning environment for students​

Several staff members have reported seeing an error code when using QuickMarks in the Turnitin Feedback Studio. After the error code is dismissed the Feedback Studio window is subsequently frozen. This is an intermittent issue and when it occurs the only way to resolve it is to close the Feedback Studio window and then re-open the submission again from the inbox

This issue is affecting several universities and the our eLearning team have reported the problem to Turnitin Support.

Please note: this issue has been reported in all major web browsers (IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari) on both PC and Mac. No reports have been received relating to the use of QuickMarks in the Feedback Studio for iPad app.

While we await the resolution of this issue, if you encounter this problem, please send the following information to the Service Desk via email.
1.       Which web browser were you using at the time?
2.       What type of computer were you working on? E.g. PC or Mac, at work or at home.
3.       Which module was it? E.g. module code and semester (if applicable)
4.       Which submission point was it? The name of the Turnitin submission point.
5.       What date/time did the problem occur?
6.       [Optional] a screenshot can help to provide evidence for Turnitin Support



Staff and student email systems, available via web access​ or desktop client (staff only)

Online finance systems, encompassing eFin and other financial services and applications


​Online HR systems encompassing MyView, eRecruitment and ResourceLink

Includes Subject Guides, OneSearch, Library Catalogue, Aspire, online databases, journals and books


​University wide wired, wireless and external internet service available to staff and students


Sharepoint services encompassing Staffcentral, MyFiles and My Department


​University wide staff telephony system


Online UniCard account management system, encompassing online account, UniCard purchasing, access control and catered halls.





Amber Red


The service is operating normally


There may be problems with the service

Indicates either: 

  • a problem has been reported and IT services are investigating
  • there is maintenance taking place which could affect the service so users should be aware that there is a risk it may not be available
  • there is a problem affecting part of the service - perhaps in a specific part of the campus or only some users


Major problems have been reported with the service.

This could be:

  • an unexpected fault which is being investigated
  • a planned outage to allow maintenance to be completed



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