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Software​ for students

Free Microsoft Office for your computer

As part of our Office 365 subscription, University of Brighton and BSMS taught students are entitled to download Microsoft Office ProPlus on up to five devices (Windows & Mac computers ) plus any mobile devices for free.

Free MS Office online


Our Office 365 subscription also  provides online access to:
You will be able to access your Office 365 account the morning after online enrolment is completed. Click the email button on studentcentral.

Anti-virus software

If you don't already have up-to-date antivirus software you can download and install Sophos on your Mac or Windows computer for free. See the safe computing page for further information.


Discount for Adobe Creative Cloud

Not free, but students can get a  discount for Adobe Creative Cloud. The discount is 65% reduction for the first year and 50% reduction for subsequent years - so expect a price rise after one year  - see the Adobe web pages​ for more information

Note that Adobe software is installed on Windows and Mac computers in libraries and computer rooms on campus.


 Useful Links


Endnote for students 

All students have access to Endnote Online but you can also purchase the full version of Endnote. 

See the Endnote pages on the OnlineLibrary for more information.

MindGenius software for students 

MindGenius 2018  mind mapping software is installed on all university student Windows computers. 
Students can also download MindGenius on their home Windows computers for free.
For more information, see our MindGenius page (requires a log-in with your university username and password)
MindGenius is not available for Macs.


ChemOffice chemoffice.png

All staff and students can download ChemOffice for use on their own personal computer. Follow the link below to and enter your University of Brighton email address to verify that you are entitled to the software.

Access ChemOffice from Cambridgesoft here

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

All students on qualifying STEM courses have access to Microsoft programming software via our webstore.

Access Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching here


 Update your skills


Free online training

with ​​​LinkedIn Learning

All staff and students have access to high quality online tutorials from LinkedIn Learning. Become expert in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks, AutoCad, SPSS and much more. Courses come with exercise files, quizzes and some include compilers to practise your code. Complete a course and earn a certificate that you can share on LinkedIn and show prospective employers.
Find out more on our LinkedIn Learning web page​.


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