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‚ÄčInformation Services supports a wide variety of software from standard desktop suites such as Microsoft Office to mobile applications specifically chosen to support learning and teaching activities.


Please read this guidance on the legal and ethical use of software.

Information Services oversees the management of university-wide licences for many centrally supported applications as well as managing and automating the installation of centrally supported packages on staff and student computers. Most importantly we provide security and antivirus software that ensures your computer and your information stays secure.




 Software for you




 Anti-virus software


Protect yourself!sophos.jpg


Information Services recommends that you use regularly updated antivirus software. We currently have a licence agreement to use software from Sophos.
The latest software is automatically rolled out across the university and is also made available for installing on your home computers. If you want to install or update your home installation, the following documents may be useful:

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