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Buying a computer


Personal Purchase

As a bulk purchaser of computing equipment, the university benefits from discounted prices and our staff and students can take advantage of many of these discounts.  

Purchasing via your Unicard

The University of Brighton has teamed up with one the NDNA suppliers so that you can take advantage of specially discounted IT equipment using your Unicard. For further information and how to access the portal Click Here.


Buying a Windows computer

The university buys HP desktop computers and Toshiba and HP laptop computers. Prices are updated very regularly so for more information and advice, contact the Computer Store using the details on the homepage.

Buying an Apple computer

You can obtain quotes and purchase directly from the Apple Higher Education website but please note that it can only be accessed from the University of Brighton computer network. This is a security measure put in place by Apple.
See also some hints and tips on buying an Apple computer.  

Departmental Purchase

If you wish to order items of computing equipment for a university department, please contact staff in the Computer Store who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Consumable items such as laser toner cartridges and any Computer Store product can be ordered on a Computing Consumables Requisition Form. Contact the Computer Store for copies of this form.
Computers and most software must be ordered via the eFin system. If you are not sure who your authorised eFin user is, contact administrative staff in your department. The Computer Store will provide you with a quote (excluding VAT) for the equipment plus any information you need to complete the eFin requisition order. The prices you enter into the eFin system should also exclude VAT.
When ordering computers please check whether you will need any additional equipment such as Ethernet cables. If these are not ordered, it will cause a delay in setting up the new equipment. See our Guide to departmental purchasing of computers for more information.
There are standard desktops for both Windows and Apple computers. Computers will be supplied with university standard software. See the section on Your university computer for more information.

The current minimum recommended specification for University of Brighton computers is;

  • ​Core i3 processor
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 500Gb Hard Drive.

Delivery: equipment will be delivered to your department. Once you have received it, you should contact the IT Service Desk to arrange for it to be set up.