Computer store

Ordering equipment


Private purchases

As with any shop just turn up at any of our outlets, we accept both UniCard and cash payments for any items sold at the counter.

Please check our opening times on the homepage before making the journey.

Ordering equipment for your department

If you wish to order items of computing equipment for a university department, please contact staff in the Computer Store who will be happy to discuss your requirements. See the buying a computer​ page for more information. 
Consumable items such as laser toner cartridges and any Computer Store product can be ordered on a Computing Consumables Requisition Form. Please click on the link for an electronic version of the Computer Store Consumables Form.
Computers and most software must be ordered via the eFin system. If you are not sure who your authorised eFin user is, contact administrative staff in your department. The Computer Store will provide you with a quote (excluding VAT) for the equipment plus any information you need to complete the eFin requisition order. The prices you enter into the eFin system should also exclude VAT.