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​Computer Clinics

You can bring your personal computer to a computer clinic (term time only) for help and advice with the following types of problem:

  • Fault diagnosis: an initial diagnosis of the problem and a discussion with the user regarding the issues & possible ways forward for getting it fixed. This may involve a further visit to a student clinic or a referral to an approved, but not recommended,  external support company.
  • System configuration: e.g. setting up your operating system & some applications to be used on the University network or maybe even some basic hardware installations.
  • Security assistance: this may include installing, configuring or running of anti-virus software and maybe anti-spyware or anti-malware software if needed.

    Please scroll down for the terms and conditions relating to the service.


 Computer First Aid Clinics

collapse Campus : Eastbourne ‎(2)
Queenwood Computer Room, Darley Road
Queenwood Computer Room, Darley Road
collapse Campus : Falmer ‎(1)
collapse Campus : Grand Parade ‎(1)
Main Building
collapse Campus : Moulsecoomb ‎(2)
Help Desk, Aldrich Library
Room 105, Cockcroft Building
​The emphasis of the clinics will be on helping you to understand your own computer and carry out simple software maintenance yourself. For example, we may guide you through processes such as installing and updating software, or checking for viruses.
Sessions are free to students and technicians will try their best to resolve your issue. In cases where hardware faults are identified, we may be able to suggest remedial actions but are unlikely to undertake repairs.
You will be asked to complete a disclaimer form before we look at your computer. To save time and avoid misunderstanding, please look at the information in this form before attending one of the clinics. It should be read and signed by the student prior to the beginning of the appointment: (pdf version).

 Terms & Conditions

  • Under no circumstances will any machine be kept past the end of the clinic session.
  • Under no circumstances will cases or internal components be removed during diagnosis.
  • No complex hardware installations will be undertaken.
  • A disclaimer must be read and signed by every user who attends a student clinic before any diagnosis or work is undertaken.
  • The clinics will encourage the user to participate in the resolution of the problem (such as overseeing installations of MS updates), which will then free up the technician to start another diagnosis.
  • Aside from supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10, the clinics support the following versions of Mac OS X: 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 (Sierra).

  • Any machines that are refused support will still be recorded on the log sheet as part of the feedback process (this may included old operating systems or machines which are too badly corrupted to work on).
  • The technicians will ask the user to show their Unicard as the form of ID when attending the student clinic & anyone who cannot produce a valid ID will be refused support at that time.
  • The clinics are run as drop in sessions. No appointments for specific times can be made within the sessions.
  • There will be no weekend clinics.
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