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       Laptop loans

Terms and conditions

I understand that this laptop is provided for my academic use only. I will not borrow it on behalf of a friend or colleague, or use it for non-academic purposes.







I am responsible for this laptop and power cable while it is on loan to me and will not leave it unattended at any time. If the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged as a result of my negligence, I am liable to pay full replacement costs.


I understand that fines are payable for the late return of the laptop at a rate of £1 per half hour, or part thereof.​​


I understand I must reconnect the power to the laptop on return or I will incur fines.




To avoid accidental damage through spillages, I will not eat or drink while using this laptop.



I understand I can only save files to the cloud (i.e. OneDrive) or to a removable memory device.


I understand that no software can be downloaded onto this laptop.


I will not attempt to fix hardware problems myself






Information Services are not responsible for any damage to my data storage device, loss of data caused by software, hardware, battery failure or computer viruses. We strongly advise the owner to regularly backup all data and files.

The laptop must be used in accordance with the IT regulations [pdf].


By continuing to use this laptop you accept the above terms and conditions of use. 


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