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​Mobile devices 


 Mobile support

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Mobile support

This page outlines the support we can offer for smartphones and tablets.
The rationale for this support model is:
  • we are unable to support every type of mobile device and every version of mobile operating system.
  • Around 85% of the mobile devices accessing university services are iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads) so the main focus of support is for recent versions of these devices.
  • Other devices and older versions of iOS are supported on a best effort basis


We provide 3 levels of support:


Tier 1 Support 


For all iOS devices  (iPhones and iPads) running the most recent approved versions of Apple iOS

We will support:

  • connecting to the university's 'eduroam' wireless network
  • connecting to your university email account
  • selected apps
We will also test core university services work with these devices and provide support documentation where necessary. 

Tier 2 Support

For Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Android devices
We will test and provide instructions to help you connect these devices to:


  • wireless services
  • university email

We cannot guarantee they will work with all services due to the variation in operating systems and devices.


Other devices and operating systems

Other devices and operating systems may work with core university services but we are unable to support them. Instructions for other devices may help you connect to our services.
Devices and operating systems we cannot support include:
  • Apple and Android devices not stated for Tier 1 and 2 (older devices and operating systems)
  • Windows 8 RT and Phone 8 or above
  • all other mobile operating systems.


Where you can get help


  • Online self help information will be provided through these web pages
  • Email  to
  • Telephone  Service Desk on 01273 644444
  • In person - students can visit one of the Computer first aid clinics
  • - staff can book technical support through our Service Desk



 Service Desk

For any technical dificulties accessing services or apps on your device then contact Service Desk.


Tel: 01273 644444



 Mobile devices documents

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