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 Top Tips

  • You can log on to any computer in our open access areas without having to book in advance. You can remain on that computer unless someone else books it.

  • By booking a PC, it guarantees you access during busy times.

  • You can also check the availability of computers (via the login page) on a specific site before you travel, allowing you to change your plans in advance.

  • You will have 15 minutes to start your booking before it is automatically cancelled.

  • Students will receive reminders before a booking starts and when it is coming to an end.

  • If you leave your PC unattended for more than 15 minutes, you will be logged off.

  • As always, save your work regularly to avoid disappointment.

  • Check the FAQ page first if you have any problems.

Please click here to book a PC.

 Common Tasks


Click here to view the online guide for booking a PC

If you have problems with booking a PC, check the FAQ page. If you still need help, speak to someone on the library helpdesk.

Fair Use Policy

Please observe the following simple common sense guidelines for booking computers so that everyone can have a fair use of the computer facilities in the university.

  • Only book the times you actually need.

  • Cancel bookings that you no longer need. (Simply click on your booking and delete it).

  • Do not book computers for other people using your ID. 

    When a computer has been booked with your ID, it is only possible to log in to that computer with your username and password. If you allow anyone else to use your username and password you will be breaking the university's IT regulations.

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