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Your university account


Your university account provides:

  • a university username and password
  • a university email address
  • a UniCard
  • access to essential services (email, Internet, staffcentral, studentcentral, file stores, online library databases)
  • many other services.



As soon as the university knows you are planning to start a course here, they will enter your details on to the central computer systems. Once this happens your library and computer accounts will be created and you will be notified. 

Activation of your account is part of the normal enrolment process and further information on how to activate your account can be found here​. 

Once you've activated your account, follow the 5 steps to Start Connected.

When you leave the university you have time to decide what you want to keep on the  university IT systems. Full details of IT and Library access for alumni.

  • Your library account will expire the day your course is expected to finish but you can apply for a one year membership. 
  • You can access a number of IT services for eight weeks, or for some services such as email for one year after you finish your course.


New accounts

New staff accounts are arranged by Human Resources (HR) or your designated school/department/college administrator before you arrive at university.
Once your details have been added you will be given a unique verification number to activate your computer account.
It will either be your six digit employee number (as shown on payslips and letters from HR) or a special seven digit number given to you by your administrator.
If you have not received this information, contact your designated administrator or your HR representative​.


Activating your account

Once you have your unique verification number you can activate your account from anywhere with an internet connection. To activate your account:
Please note: when you activate your account, you agree to abide by certain conditions of use. See links on right for details of policies. 
Once you've activated your account, follow the instructions on our Staff Connected page to make sure you have access to  IT, library and print services.

Changing your account

When your personal details change such as a change of name or job title, you may need to have your computer account details changed to match.

For most members of staff changes to their computer account will happen automatically, as soon as Human Resource have updated their records.

For some staff these details will have to be entered by the designated administrator​ in their school/department/college.

If you have any questions about these changes, contact the Service desk​

If you need to change your email address more information can be found here​




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