Learning Technologies Advisers


Your Learning Technology Adviser (LTA) consults with academics and course teams on embedding technology enhanced learning into your teaching. Your local LTA can provide one to one support, guidance and advice on using studentcentral, and the adoption of other technologies that support teaching and research, from e-submission to mobile technologies and more.


Jason Bailey
Developer/Learning Technologies Adviser
Computing Engineering and Mathematics
Office: 01273 641279

Marion Curdy
Learning Technologies Adviser 
Brighton Business School; Environment and Technology;
PABS; Art, Design and Media


Rob Englebright
Developer/Learning Technologies Adviser
School of Art, Design and Media; School of Humanities


Nick Feather
Learning Technologies Adviser

School of Humanities; Centre for Learning & Teaching; Doctoral College; Division of Medical Education
Office: 01273 643543

fmacneillsml 2.jpg

Fiona MacNeill
Learning Technologies Adviser
School of Health Sciences; School of Applied Social Sciences

Tucker MacNeill
Learning Technologies Adviser
Explore Studio Coordinator (Falmer)
School of Education;  School of Media; Computing Engineering
and Mathematics; Joint Honours Programme
Office: 01273 641749

Craig Wakefield
Learning Technologies Adviser
School of Health Sciences; School of Sport and Service Management
Office: 01273 644112


Student Learning Technology Amabassadors

Student Learning Technologies Ambassadors work alongside the Learning Technologies Advisers to support the use of learning technologies in the classroom.

SLTAs provide support for events and conferences and support academic staff and their students in their use of learning technologies in the classroom.

If you are interested in booking some of the SLTAs please speak to your LTA.

eLearning Services teamThe eLearning Services team consists of the LTAs, the Learning Technologies Support Adviser Cathy Frankland, and the eLearning Services Manager Katie Piatt. The eLearning Services team are part of Customer Services in Information Services, managed by Stan Stanier.
eLearning Team photo 
eLearning at the CLT
Barbara Newland is a Principal Lecturer in Learning and Teaching, specialising in eLearning in the Centre for Learning and Teaching. Along with CLT colleagues, Barbara coordinates eLearning policy for the university.