What is EduBlogs?


EduBlogs is the university platform for Wordpress,  an opensource blogging and content management system that has multiuser and multi-blogging features as well as themes, plugins and widgets that make it a flexible system to use with your students.
  • It can be used to support:
  • ePortfolio Development
  • Critical Reflection
  • Project Management
  • Project Collaboration
Login to EduBlogs at:

How does it work?

Decide who has control of the site and what level of access participants have.
Create static web pages and blog posts and invite comments on those posts.


WordPress can enable students to take advantage of the digital technologies that have transformed the way they can represent themselves and their work online.
  • More convenient. Being able to record and share aspects of their learning and development electronically is often more convenient.
  • A showcase to demonstrate their learning and development. WordPress provides the opportunity to showcase their continuous academic development and acquisition of skills to tutors and potential employers.
  • An opportunity to practice digital skills. Working electronically to manage their professional profile and  provides students with the type of technical skills employers are looking for.
  • Represent themselves professionally online. Having a secure and private space to develop their personal identity before making it public can ensure they make the right first impression.
  • Adaptable and flexible. Online content can be quickly and easily updated or customised to present content to different audiences, for example, to a potential employer or for assessment.
  • A single place to collect and save work. All of their digital work is held in one place that you can access securely through the Internet.


WordPress relies on the students having a university username and password and once they leave the university that account is terminated so they loose access to their account. Although, as Edublogs is a WordPress instance, a leaving student can download and save their entire blog, and re-upload it upon gaining a account outside of the university.
Some students may find it technically challenging to work on a WordPress site and may need extra support to use it effectively.


Here are some examples of blog sites currently viewable through the University edublogs directory:

01sussexsimulationhub.pngSchool of Education Curriculum Centre03centerforlt.png
               Noel Painting's Blog                   School of Education Curriculum Centre      Centre for Learning and Teaching

Help using WordPress

Before using WordPress with your students you’ll need to talk to your LTA about how you plan on using it so that can provide a suitable framework for you and provide guidance on using the software.



Fully Supported