What ReadingLists@Brighton can do


The home page outlines some of the benefits of using the ReadingLists@Brighton service. In more detail:

  • Structure your list as required, e.g. by week, by resource, thematically and so on 
  • Use the Aspire bookmark button to bookmark resources from the Online Library and the Web
  • Direct links to online resources can include digitised book chapters and print journal articles, where copyright clearance is available
  • Guide your Students reading by highlighting which resources are "Key", "Recommended" etc. and providing contextual information through annotations for specific items helps student decide on the resources which will be most relevant to them
  • The Aspire LTI integration tool, enables sections of lists to be integrated within StudentCentral (e.g. Study Materials). This video shows how to use the facility with your reading list
  • Facilitates 'flipped classroom' learning, by enabling easy access to key resources ahead of your seminar


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