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 What is Turnitin?

Turnitin (Tii) is a service paid for by the university and is one of the recommended tools for the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) which includes eSubmission, eMarking and eFeedback.
Screen capture showing Turnitin Feedback Studio
The assessment guide provides a full overview of the EMA tools available, for example studentcentral and studentfolio also feature approved eSubmission tools. Turnitin is recommended for written work submissions that require a similarity report. For other types of assignment such as, group work, multiple files, visual or media file submissions a different eSubmission tool may be more suitable. The assessment guide features information and a flowchart to help you select the correct tool based on what your students need to submit.
Turnitin produces a colour-coded originality report for each submission, which identifies matches with other text-based sources in its database of widely indexed resources. Used thoughtfully, it can help students to improve their academic writing skills.
Turnitin is often described as a plagiarism detection tool which is not the case, it can, however, help to inform a decision where plagiarism is suspected and can assist in cases of academic misconduct.


For staff

  • Facilitates online submission and generates similarity reports.
  • Can aid the decision making where plagiarism or collusion are suspected.
  • Can encourage higher standards of academic writing and integrity.
  • Can make the assessment process fairer and more transparent.

For students

  • Can help students gain a better understanding of plagiarism and, with guidance, learn how to avoid it.
  • No expensive printing required.
  • No need to travel to the university campus to submit a paper.‚Äč

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