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 Understanding my studentcentral module - Help for Staff


 This page provides an overview of the different sections of your module with links to associated help materials.
New staff can download a printable learning technologies induction (pdf). 

 How can I help my students?


studentcentral is the online learning environment for the University of Brighton, using the Blackboard software. It is good practice for academic staff to introduce their students to how studentcentral will be used within the context of their programme of study. 

The eLearning team has produced a series of induction videos to help with the more general aspects of using studentcentral (see the "Using studentcentral" link on the login page).

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 Module Specification

​Module Specifications are official documents maintained by Academic Services and are stored on Sharepoint. Your module automatically provides a link to the correct version of the module specification for your students. Contact your school office with any queries.

 Module Triggering

​New module instances are triggered each year by your school office based on the records in SITS (the student records system). This can happen from May onwards each year ready for the next academic cycle allowing academic staff time to prepare their module areas.

 Reading Lists

​The Reading List link in studentcentral is provided automatically to link to the matching list on Talis Aspire. More information on Aspire

 How the Contacts work

​Module contacts are provided automatically. Often instructors think this tool is broken as they see a 'yellow square', be rest assured it is working! You can preview the contacts list by turning edit mode off or using the student preview tool.

The Module Leader is listed at the top of the page and this is pulled from the module record of SITS. All other Instructors enrolled on the module are listed below. Contact details are pulled from central systems and you can request amendments here. You cannot edit the contacts list directly. 

Instructors can enrol and remove colleagues to the studentcentral area as required. 

External examiners, administrative and technical roles are not shown in the contacts list (see below), if you need any other roles to be hidden from the contacts list, contact your LTA.

​Role Access​ Shown in Contacts list?
​Admin Support ​Same as instructor level
​Assistant ​Same as instructor level ​No
​Resource Support
​Can see the student list.

Cannot access the Grade Centre or Turnitin submissions

 Understanding the default module template


​​Every time a module runs, a new instance of the module is created on studentcentral ready to be populated with learning and teaching content. To provide a consistent experience for students between each of their modules, a baseline module template has been developed by Learning and Teaching committee, which is reviewed and updated each year:



  • ​Announcements and new content available by default as module overview



  • ​Announcements section which is used to communicate with students
​Module Information
  • ​Official content
  • Statement on the use of the Studentcentral area and what is expected of students in their use of the area
  • Module specification
  • Module handbook (if appropriate)
  • Academic Health Reports
  • ​Staff contact details (automatically pulled from the staff directory)
Study Materials

​Learning materials provided by the tutors, for example:

    • Handouts
    • Lecture notes
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Learning resources
    • Interactive learning activities
Reading List
  • ​Automatic link to Talis Aspire for resource based reading lists. NB. a reading list needs to exist and to have been reviewed by the library in order for this link to work.
    For information about how the reading lists are rolled over for the next academic year click here.
  • Turnitin and StudentCentral assignment submission points and assessment information replicated from handbook
  • Assessment guidelines (including details on the use of eSubmission)
​My Grades
  • ​An area where students can access any marks or feedback that is made available to them electronically. This area will show: Turnitin submission points; studentcentral assignment tool submission points; graded studentcentral activities and custom grade centre columns - for more information about assessment options please visit the assessment page
  • Providing students a route to email other students on the module. This can be turned off by the tutor​
​Module Guidance
  • ​Brings you to this page, which you are currently reading.
​Your Voice Matters
  • ​Student survey results and information about how your feedback has or will be used.
    (This link is hidden by default, but can be re-enabled.)


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