Updating your list


Time Periods 

Published ReadingLists@Brighton lists have yearly iterations, similar to module Instances within studentcentral. These 'time periods' help provide you with a true record of the content of your reading lists for each academic year, which in turn allow you to compare usage between different years. As with Instances, the introduction of the new time period each summer provides a prompt for you to review and update the content, ahead of the next academic year

Time Period 2019/20 - Important information  

On Tuesday 21st May 2019, all published 2018/19 lists were copied to the 2019/20 time period and automatically publishedThe new 2019/20 lists will not be visible through StudentCentral until your new module is triggered.

What do I do now?

  • Go to ReadingLists@Brighton and log in
  • Go to My Lists and find your 2019/20 list
  • In the Edit view of your list (click Edit and select Edit list (classic)), make any needed changes, then click Request review (so we can order anything necessary) and then click Publish (to make the updated list visible to students)
  • Please note. In order to allow sufficient time for Library staff to review your list and obtain the recommended resources, please submit your list for review by the following dates 
Semester 1 & Year-long modules​ 5th August 2019
​Semester 2 modules 9th December 2019

Is that it?

  • Yes

Further Help

  • Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials are available on these ReadingLists@Brighton pages
  • Your Information Adviser is on hand to help with enquiries by phone, email or in person

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