Requesting books for your teaching



Libraries use your online reading list to inform purchasing decisions. Your list will tell us how many students will be using the resources, how many modules are using the same resources and therefore how many copies we should buy. We don't aim to have enough copies for each student to have a copy. If students will need to refer to a title throughout a semester or course please ensure it is available as an e-book or if it is only available in print advise your students to purchase their own copy.


Our offer to you:

  • We aim to purchase a copy of each Key or Recommended title on your list
  • Where available we will prioritise e-books purchases over print books to guarantee accessibility
  • When you recommend key chapters or articles we will investigate the option to digitise them to link to your list, you can also request digitised course readings by using this request form
  • Where an e-book is available we will reduce the number of print copies purchased
  • Print only titles will be purchased to the following ratio: 
Type of reading as indicated on reading list
Numbers of copies purchased*
1 per 10 students
(max 10 copies)
1 copy
1 copy **
(Not guaranteed)
Out of print titles
1 copy **
(if available at an acceptable price and condition)


*the exact number will be decided based on the number of students, likely usage, budget and space.  

 ** at any of the site libraries

What we need from you:

  • We recommend reading lists are received eight weeks before teaching starts
  • Full bibliographic details of each title
  • Numbers of students expected to take the module
  • Full module title and code
  • Indication of the importance of each title; is it key, recommended or further reading

Suggestions on what makes a good reading list and tips for how to get the most out of ReadingLists@Brighton are here


Course packs

Academic staff wanting to create a printed course pack, please contact Reprographic Services