Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (ROPSI)

University of Brighton Libraries Statement of Public Task

This statement, revised annually, sets out the functions that are within the University of Brighton’s Library Service’s public task under the EU Directive on the Re-use of Public Sector Information 2015.

The five University of Brighton Libraries are centrally administered by the Library Services Division of Information Services. It operates within a complex Higher Education environment. Each library is different in terms of building size, opening hours and the selection of printed books and journals they contain. Each library has a team of staff that includes Information Advisers, a User Services Librarian and Resource Assistants, led by the Information Services Manager. Library Services as a whole is subject to internal regulatory processes and to applicable external legislation. As a critical learning resource it's central to the student experience at Brighton.

Library Services operates in line with the following core functions:

  • To support the teaching, learning and research activities of the University through the provision of information resources, both in print and in electronic formats;
  • To provide support and training to students in order that they may most effectively use the Library’s resources;
  • To develop the Library collections and associated work-study environments in line with changing user needs;
  • To engage with the student cohort and with academic staff in order to ensure that the appropriate levels of user feed-back are maintained;
  • To engage with the local community through the provision of external membership and walk-in visitor arrangements.
More information on Library Services

Examples of the types of information available

The Library does not have a dedicated budget for digitisation, and will charge fees for supply and licensing of content to meet its costs.

Requesting Re-use

Requests for re-use must be made in writing either by email or letter.

Please fill out the Request Form (.doc) and email it to or send to:

Library Manager

St. Peters House Library

16-18 Richmond Place

Brighton, East Sussex BN2 0GE

United Kingdom

In accordance with the ROPSI 2015 Regulations any requests for re-use will be addressed within 20 working days or an explanation provided if a delay is anticipated. Where the request for information is complex or lengthy, processing may take longer. In such cases, we will advise you accordingly. Where we are able to release the requested information for your re-use, we would normally link this to a licence covering your use. You must adhere to the terms of any licence that we issue to you. This may be on a without-cost basis or we may offer the licence to you based upon a charge. The University of Brighton reserves the right to refuse a request for the re-use of information under the regulations. Should this situation arise, we will explain to you our reasons for refusing your application.

Limitations of PSI Requests

Please note that there are some limitations that may restrict the release of information for re-use. These include where the copyright is not held by the University, where personal data is involved or where release would not be agreed if a similar application had been made under existing access legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The Screen Archives South East and the Design Archives operate separately from Library Services. Library Services can't process PSI requests for either of these archives.



Complaints in relation to re-use of Public Sector Information Task will be reviewed internally by emailing

If you are dissatisfied with how we respond to your complaint you may escalate it to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).