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Request a new journal subscription

To request a new journal subscription, please complete the form below.  Requests will only be accepted from academic staff. Students should contact their tutor if they have a suggestion for a new title.
Library Services evaluates all subscription requests carefully as, unlike book purchases, they are a recurrent expenditure. Please also provide additional information about how the resource will be used. to aid decision making.
Journal subscriptions are generally approved at the start of the academic year to ensure that there is sufficient funding within the annual budget . Suggestions for new titles can be submitted at any time during the year but will only be reviewed in December, March and July. Selection criteria will include importance for research and teaching, cost, interlibrary loan requests, format and overlap with existing resources. Requesters will be informed of the outcome of their request by their IA. 

 For further advice please contact your Information Adviser

NB. If you dont see the form below then please ensure you 'sign in' at the top of the page. 

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