7 day and long loans (3 week loans) are automatically renewed on the due date unless they have been reserved for another borrower.

  • You will receive an email letting you know which loans have been renewed and which have not
  • Any items not renewed must be returned by the due date. If you can't return the item please contact your library Help Desk immediately
  • Overdue items incur a fine of 50p per item per day
  • There is a limit of 99 renewals; once this is reached items must be returned to the library.

Desk Loans, Laptop Loans, Inter Library loans, Teaching Practice Materials, and Media Equipment are not included in auto-renewals and must be returned by the due date/time. 

Useful Tips

You can always renew your loans yourself via your Library Account providing they have not been reserved by another borrower.

If there are multiple copies of a reserved item and someone else reurns a copy before you, then you can renew yours via your Library Account.

If you still need an item reserved by someone else then you can reserve it yourself once you have returned it.

If the books you need are on loan always place a reservation. This will ensure the books come back for you.


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