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 ​Sound Studio - G18 Watts


​Sound Studio - G18 Watts

Facilities include:

Sound booth

The sound booth itself is a triple glazed acoustically isolated ‘room within a room’ which provides a very high quality environment for audio work.

  • standard setup is four high quality cardioid microphones on shock mounts feeding into the external mixing desk. 
  • a talkback system so the artists can hear themselves and also communicate with the control area. 
  • the layout easily facilitates group discussions of up to four people
  • the booth can be reconfigured for different purposes, using up to ten microphones if necessary.

Control area  

The control area features the mixing desk which is connected to a dual boot Mac Pro providing users with either OSX or Windows as their operating system of choice. The Mac Pro is installed with:

  • Adobe Audition CC 2017
  • Logic Pro X
  • Standard University of Brighton software
  • iLife 

The studio has the capability to link up to external callers via ISDN, mobile phone networks and using computer based conferencing applications to provide the option to extend interviews beyond the booth itself. 

Additionally the booth has been configured to make it easily usable as a broadcast source for the University Radio station BUZZ

Breakout space 

where groups can refine and update their work whilst being able to listen to the work being done in the booth.

For enquiries or bookings, please contact us at

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